Microgreens Grower in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Microgreens™

Nutrient-dense vegetable & herb greens

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Direct from our farm, to your kitchen & table.

Our microgreens are available mainly through custom order. You can also purchase directly from our farm store (while product is available), and through our weekly CSA-membership.

How To Order: Scroll down, or click on account type below to be redirected to the right section of this page.

Payment methods accepted: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Mobile Payments, Gift Cards, EBT/Snap & Double Up Food Bucks. Comercial accounts only: Checks, and ACH.

How To Order: Chef's & Restaurants

Phoenix Microgreens specializes in producing microgreens for local private chefs, high end restaurants, 5 star resorts, and private country clubs in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Valley. Because our microgreens are grown to order, a weekly or bi weekly commitment is required. This is to keep a steady, fresh supply growing for your business needs, without interruption.

    Custom Order
  • Our microgreens take 7-28 days to fully mature, lead time is based on vegetable and herb type requested.
  • We need a minimum of 2-3 weeks lead time on your first order & delivery.
  • Minimum order is a half tray (4 regular units) a week. 2 regular units per variety type.
  • You select your preferred weekly delivery day: Currently our delivery days are Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. If you need delivery on any other day please request it, we can usually accommodate.
  • Deposit is required with first order. Then you will be automatically billed weekly, where payment is due one week prior to your next delivery.
  • Flat rate delivery: $10.00, Phoenix Valley Wide.

A commercial account is required before we can approve your order and issue an invoice. Apply for a commercial account here.

Have a questions or need to request a custom order? Contact us at sales@phoenixmicrogreens.com

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How To Order: Direct Consumers

Because microgreens are not just a garnish, they are a Superfood, we make our microgreens available to the public for personal consumption. Order online at our store: shop.phoenixmicrogreens.com.

    CSA & Membership
  • We offer a CSA in the form of weekly memberships, with 3 membership types. You choose the membership level that’s right for you and your household. This is the best option for consistency, to reduce interruptions/delay between orders, and to experience different vatieties of the microgreens that we grow. Available for in-store pickup & home delivery. View membership types.

    Custom Pre-Order
  • Pre-ordering is strongly advised, to guarantee product availability. Available for in-store pickup & home delivery. Order Microgreens: Visit our online store.
  • We accept custom orders: as a one time purchase, and as a ongoing standing order.
  • We need a minimum of 2-3 weeks lead time on your order.
  • Minimum order is a half tray (4 regular units), 2 regular units per variety type.

    Weekly Availability
  • We pre-grow a limited quantity per week, mostly as backup for our commercial accounts. If you need microgreens sooner, check our weekly availability section, we post newly availabe product on Tuesday & Thursday, only if product is not already pre-sold. Available for in-store pickup only at our Scottsdale farm store (Tusday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). Shop: Availabe microgreens.

Have questions or need help with your order? Contact us at hello@phoenixmicrogreens.com

How To Order: Retail & Grocery Buyer

Our microgreens are an ideal product for specialty stores that cater to customers who prefer fresh produce, and customers on these diet types: Natural, Organic, Vegan, Whole Foods and Plant Based.

Our microgreens are sold as living plants, with roots attached in a soil free medium, ready to be harvest by the customer. 100% Veganic.

Because our microgreens are soil free, they can be easily kept in an open chilled produce display or inside a closed display refrigerator. Ideally, next to leafy greens and herbs.

We have: General and Product Liability Insurance. Universal Product Codes, Commercial Delivery Van, and we are USDA compliant. We are an "Arizona Grown" approved farm.

    Start The Process
  • Minimum Order: 1 Case: 12 small units, individually packaged, each unit is on a 3.25" x 5" grow flat, 2.5-3 oz. product weight. Weekly, with a 3 month commitment. SRP $8-$10 per Unit.
  • Buyer needs to be PACA Compliant. Term 10 days, pre-established accounts can apply for an extension of terms not to exceed 30 days from the date of product acceptance.
  • Request a meeting with sampling by contacting us at sales@phoenixmicrogreens.com.
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