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Phoenix Microgreens

Nutrient-dense vegetable greens & herbs

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Our Microgreens Farm

Phoenix Microgreens is a small indoor, vertical, hydroponic farm. We produce nutrient dense specialty vegetable and herb greens, called microgreens, for local Phoenix chefs and restaurants.

Being a vertical farm allows us 7 times the square footage utilization compared to traditional farming methods. Indoor farming gives us control over the environmental factors, such as: light, humidity, and temperature, making it possible to grow microgreens all-year-round.

We value sustainability and believe in responsible farming. That is why we structured our business model around the "no waste in production" method. We grow our microgreens in reusable FDA certified food safe plastic and on organic, natural, renewable, biodegradable, environmental friendly grow mediums.

We use advanced technology and environmentally-friendly water purification methods to remove 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms in order to grow the most pure microgreens available on the market.

Our Product, Microgreens

Everything is grown to your order; you only receive the freshest microgreens and nothing goes to waste.

We only source Non-Treated, Non-GMO, USDA Approved and mostly Organic seed.

Our microgreens come to you as living plants, ready to harvest. We do this because studies have shown that microgreens begin to lose their nutritional value rapidly after harvest. You can't get any fresher than, "cut it, and eat it".

You can purchase our microgreens in 1/3 units, full units and full trays.

  • Unit = 5''x7'' grow mat
  • Tray = 8 full units
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Our Inspiration

For many years, Anesa sprouted seeds and grew micro plants to feed a small flock of unruly backyard hens. They thrived on this added plant diet, producing eggs daily that stood well above their store bought brethren.

Then one day, she discovered that humans enjoyed these tasty little treats too. She began to research and experiment growing different varieties.

Our system worked out so well and we were hooked on eating microgreens regularly. It was only natural to start a vertical farm, in order to share our delicious microgreens with our community.

Photo description: Side by side comparison of two eggs. The egg on the top (yellow) we obtained from a local backyard chicken farmer; who fed his chickens organic commercial feed and occasional vegetable scraps. The egg on the bottom; our chicken egg, from chicken fed on a seed and microgreens diet.

Have chickens? Ask us about our chicken microgreens specials and fodder.